The Spirited Sales Advantage

SSL enforces a model based on the qualities that collegiate cheerleaders, athletes, and dancers possess. After their success on the field and in the classroom, our candidates have gained varying levels of professional B2B sales and have applied their leadership skills toward the sales success of businesses, just like yours! Our candidates meet your hiring needs by demonstrating essential skills required to enhance your business. You may need to teach them the sales techniques favored by your company, but you won't have to teach them self-confidence, self-discipline, the ability to excel on a team, and you certainly won't have to teach them to expect success!

Who Are Our Candidates
  • Organized Professionals- Goal-oriented, self-confident, responsible, and dedicated to successful time management
  • Intelligent, Business Savvy Entrepreneurs- SSL candidates earned an average collegiate GPA of 3.3/4.0
  • Relationship Builders- Successful in building rapport quickly with diverse constituencies
  • Client Managers- Effective in maintaining long-term productive business relationships
  • High Performers- Driven to exceed set goals and hungry for success
Transferable Skills from Collegiate Sports/Cheerleading to Outside Sales
  • Communication/Public Speaking- SSL candidates spent as much time at Public Relations and Alumni events as they did on the field during college
  • Passion and drive to exceed expectations
  • Multi tasking/Organizational Abilities- SSL candidates made the Deanís List, while spending twenty-five hours a week at practice, games, and appearances
  • Self Confidence
  • Self-Discipline- Todayís college cheerleading requires the same skills and preparation as other University sports teams
  • Leadership
Spirited Sales knows these skills are essential in transforming your staff into a successful sales force and we screen each of our candidates to identify their strengths in all of these areas. We are certain that our candidatesí unique backgrounds make them better prepared for success on a winning sales team like yours.

Proven Success

Former Varsity staff are currently excelling in the pharma and medical industry as national sales trainers, regional and district managers, marketing executives and top performing reps for dozens of companies.

Why Spirited Sales Leaders?

Through this unique relationship with Varsity Brands and its staff, SSL can recommend AND refer each of our alumni with personal confidence. A large number of former Varsity employees have secured sales positions and built successful careers in various fields, such as pharmaceutical and medical sales. Varsity itself currently employs former cheerleaders as CEO, senior and executive vice presidents, regional and territorial managers, and over one-third of its own sales force.

Going beyond the sidelines and into your field, our alumni bring a unique combination of peer leadership and community interaction experiences, along with the all-round people skills necessary to build successful relationships in any business endeavor.

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