Potential Sales Candidates

“Individuals with a Proven History of Leadership and Success”

This is what we promise our corporate partners when they receive resumes from Spirited Sales Leaders. Through participation in cheerleading, dance, student government or collegiate sports our candidates have honed the very skills that are sought after by successful sales organizations — excelling on a team, public speaking/performance experience, leadership skills, multi-tasking abilities, self-confidence and self-discipline are all building blocks for a successful career in sales. Our record of consistently providing high quality individuals is what sets us apart in the pharmaceutical recruiting industry.

Are you interested in making yourself available to an exciting career in medical sales? Do you have the experience of performing in front of thousands of people and representing your institution to students, faculty and alumni? Contact your Spirited Sales solution to take the next step!

What Spirited Sales Can Do for You

Our professional team will assist you in writing your resume to emphasize the qualities specific companies are looking for in a strong sales candidate. We will use our relationships to arrange interviews with leading pharmaceutical companies and will prepare you for these interviews with our targeted interview prep sessions.

Career Placement Fees

If, and only if, we are successful in placing you with a company, you will be required to pay a one time fee of $2,500 that will not be due until six months after you begin your new job. There are no charges for resume assistance, interview prep, or arranging your interviews. We only charge a fee if you are offered and accept a position with a company arranged through Spirited Sales.

You Are Hired!

Congratulations to these Spirited Sales Candidates on their success in landing new sales positions this year.

Jennifer- Novartis
Brandy- Novartis
Charles- Norvartis
Angela- Novartis
Brandi- Novartis
Chelley- Novartis
Emily- Novartis
Lindsey- Novartis
Kristen- Novartis
Jackie- Novartis
Mindi- Novartis
Shermin- Novartis
David- Sciele
Alesha- Sciele
Tim- Sciele

Jenn C.- Sciele
Jenn M.- Sciele
Kristy- Sciele
Rob- Innovex
Kimberly- Bayer
Alyana- Bayer
Christina- Sciele
Lauren- Sciele
Sarah- Sciele
Darcy- Sciele
Elizabeth- Sciele
Wendy- Leitner
Kenny- Leitner
Kristi- Leitner

Ashley- Daiichi Sankyo
Caitlin- Daiichi Sankyo
Egle- Daiichi Sankyo
Michelle- Santaurus
Rebecca- Santaurus
Susannah- Boeringer Ingleheim
Kris- Boeringer Ingleheim
Catherine- Boeringer Ingleheim
Stephanie- ADP
Monica- ADP
Alex- Mission Pharmacal


Spirited Sales Leaders encourages you to follow these resume writing guidelines before submitting your resume and application online. Your resume is the first impression you give an employer and it is essential to market your accomplishments, strengths, and professional abilities in the best light possible.

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